3 Bottom Line Benefits of a Fully Automated Fixed Asset Management System

Are you currently using a partially automated Fixed Asset management system, or worse yet, still relying on manual, cumbersome spreadsheets to keep track of your organization’s assets? In this current day and age, any company (including small businesses) that want to stay competitive can benefit from using Fixed Asset software.

Fixed Asset management software automates, executes and maintains all operational tasks that need to be carried out. This way, any downtime is avoided, errors are curbed and minimal supervision is required.

Some tasks carried out by Fixed Assets include:

- Location tracking, which can also contribute to higher security
- Financial calculations such as taxes and depreciation
- Maintenance records, which include insurance and warranties

Time is one of your company’s most valuable assets, and ensuring that all operational tasks are maintained via competent software will give you and your employees that time back to focus on more strategic duties – something that is absolutely vital to stay ahead of the business game.

Does all the mundane (yet highly critical) tasks for you

With a modern, fully automated Fixed Asset system, every stage of the operation transitions smoothly and quickly as there is no need to rely on somebody to do so. From receipts to dispatch, every aspect of the process is completed in a timely manner, including the retention of important information that can be of use during special occasions (e.g. warranties or insurance documents for certain assets, which could be used for compensation in the event of damage.)

Reduces bottlenecks – and perhaps an overhead or two

With the bulk of mainstream operational tasks now being taken care of by your Fixed Asset system, your employees are now free to pursue other duties, specifically those that require deeper thought and strategy. Most of these strategic activities may have been taking a backseat due to daily operational duties, and now your employees will finally have sufficient time (and energy) to embrace them to take your company to greater heights.

Uses stored data for reliable insights

No matter which method you use to track your assets (RFID, QR, NFC or barcodes), all fixed asset systems are capable of maintaining your assets round-the-clock and providing real-time access/updates. Fixed Asset systems also serve as repositories of valuable data that can reveal the health of your business, and modern software now comes equipped with reporting functionalities which are customizable, based on your needs.

Although you’ll probably deploy Fixed Asset software to execute smooth operations in your business, the reporting system can aid you across the board – from sales to legal, depending on the statistics divulged.

Are you interested in learning how you can make the best use of Fixed Asset software in your business? At Wheelhouse, we can help! We’ll help you search and compare multiple software solutions based on your needs, and connect you with leading software vendors to help you make your business software decisions.

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