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WRS Health Reviews & Overview

What is WRS Health?

WRS Health Practice Management solution comes with an EMR solution to provide a full-capability solution for the management of medical practices and their operations. The solution is completely cloud based and therefore does not require its users to procure any additional servers and software to run the solution. They simply need to connect their PC or laptops to the Internet and log on.  The solution focuses on expanding and improving patient communication, and increase the quality and efficiency of each patient encounter. The scheduler is easy to use and can be customized and easy-to-use dashboards show how the practice is doing.  


WRS Health Practice Management defines a four-step workflow and builds the solution around each of these steps:

  • Scheduling and registration of patients
  • Patient check-in and eligibility checks
  • Exam room activity
  • Check-out procedures

The four modules work in concert with each other to seamlessly integrate front desk, administrative, clinical and billing/revenue management functions into one powerful solution. This also ensures the best possible use of time and clinic resources.

Patient communication features are particularly well developed. The patient portal supports patient registration, basic data capture, appointment management and communication with the clinic. The solution also supports multiple modes of communication such as SMS, phone, mail or the web and can be further customized to meet clinic requirements. Improved communication leads to better patient care.

The solution uses a series of alerts and reminders to complete a number of initial tasks even before patients arrive at the clinic or hospital. This saves a lot of time for the front office staff and lets them process patients faster and more accurately. The reminders ensure that no-shows are minimized.

Patient check-in is easy and fast. All data entered by the patient is automatically included with the patient chart, insurance eligibility is checked and the system generates any required reminders. As soon as the exam room is indicated to be vacant, a patient is automatically allotted to it and all relevant details are transferred across to the exam room screen. All recent lab reports are transferred and the process of generating a bill is commenced automatically. 

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WRS Health Key Features

Targeted Users
  • Medical Billing Centers
  • Medical Billing
Scheduling Features
  • Online Patient Scheduling
  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Location Scheduling
  • Multi-Facility Scheduling
  • Free appointment reminders
  • Custom appointment reminders
  • Free billers and schedulers
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