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Mimecast Reviews & Overview

What is Mimecast?

Mimecast is a 100% cloud-based web security solution that prevents cyberattacks at the DNS level for your organization. Mimecast email security is integrated into its platform to enhance the cyber resilience of any organization. 

What is Mimecast Used for?

Enterprise web security is a major challenge in today’s connected world. Email & web are the sources of 99% of the cyberattacks. 

Mimecast provides an integrated & secure email gateway and web security solution in a cost-efficient solution to boost the cyber defense of an organization against phishing, malware, and inappropriate web use. It is easy to configure a solution that protects your employees whether they are working from home or remotely. 

What Features Does Mimecast Offer?

Mimecast provides an AI-powered cloud-based email and web security solution. It protects against all malicious websites and tracks and enforces an acceptable use policy for surfing the web by employees. 

  • It uses an AI-based smart proxy to deep scan suspicious websites and downloads. 
  • Policy configuration is fast and simple for the admin using one source for user accounts, roles, and permissions. 
  • The real-time visualization dashboard provides the monitoring and protection status for all the web activities of an organization. Admins can also see the web activity trends, categories, and top domains. 

It also provides a detailed report of IP and device details of every web request made by the users, employees, or guests. Mimecast also works to provide full visibility of the cloud app use of the users on their phones. You can allow or block the app access according to the categories and the group of users. Mimecast works on both on & off-network with its security agents for windows, iOS, and Mac. 

How Much Does Mimecast Cost?

Mimecast provides its web security solutions for both small businesses and enterprise clients. There are three pricing plans for small businesses with less than 100 employees. Mimecast Core includes 49 users which offers a secure email gateway, internal email protection, targeted threat protection, and awareness training. Mimecast Hero offers 49 users with an additional feature of web security, sync & recover option, and secure messaging functionality Mimecast Mega comeswith all the Hero features and additional features like 99-year Archives, Ediscovery, and Integrated security & Archive. 

Enterprise packages are for large organizations with more than 100 employees. 

  • The email security plan for the enterprise customers comes in three packages. 
  • The Perimeter Defence provides a secure email gateway and targeted threat protection 
  • The Comprehensive Defence provides the additional features of Internal Email protection & Awareness training 
  • The Pervasive defense also includes everything in the Comprehensive defense and the additional DMARC Analyzer and Brand Exploit Protect.
  • The Cyber Resilience Plans include Cyber Resilience Foundations, Cyber Resilience Foundations Plus, and Cyber Resilience Pro 

The pricing of all these plans is customized according to the features and number of users. You can request a quote if you are interested in any of the Enterprise plans of Mimecast. 

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