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HyTrust CloudControl Reviews & Overview

What is HyTrust CloudControl?

Entrust is an industry leader in cloud security, committed to its vision of “Securing a world in motion”.

The journey of Entrust begin in 1969 with the advent of a company called Datacard Corporation. Datacard Corporation originally focused on secure, high-speed payment and identity card printers. But later as the company grew it developed new technologies, acquired powerful brands and penetrated into different industries globally.

Entrust is trusted by the most trusted organizations of the world including Microsoft, VISA, MasterCard, vmware, Square, Polycom, Servicenow, NXP, and Antel. With $800 million in revenue, Entrust issues over 10 million credentials daily and encrypts 24 million financial messages across a network of 150 countries.

What is Entrust Used For?

Entrust is used for providing issuance systems and digital security. Talking about digital security, Entrust provides certificate solutions, identity and access management, and data protection including cloud security. The Entrust products that focus on cloud security include CloudControl for AWS, CloudControl for containers, and CloudControl for vSphere and NSX. All these products focus on cloud security posture management. 

For multi-cloud encryption Entrust offers DataControl for Azure, DataControl for AWS, and DataControl for IBM Cloud.

The industry verticals that Entrust has penetrated into and serves include financial industry, retail industry, government, education industry, healthcare industry, and enterprises. The regulatory compliances followed by Entrust include PSD2, HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC, and eIDAS.

What Are The Top Entrust Features?

The cloud security product offered by Entrust is called IDaaS or Identity as a service. It is actually a cloud-based identity and access management system and following are some of its top features:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Credential-based password less access
  • Office 365 (SAML integration)
  • Push notifications
  • Native device biometrics
  • Adaptive policy engine
  • On-prem application integrations
  • Admin API
  • LDAP database sync
  • Mobile soft token
  • Cross-platform facial biometrics

What are the Main Entrust Benefits?

Entrust provides businesses with a single platform for all users including partners, employees, customers, as well as the contracts. Having a single platform for all users can save businesses a lot of time, money, and energy. The built-in provisioning tools and the integrations can be very helpful in reducing the workload of the IT team. The secure portals give you secure access to your customers and partners and the adaptive authentication and identity proofing gives a complete digital identity verification ensuring a fast and secure user onboarding. 

How Much Does Entrust Cost?

The IDaaS or Identity as a Software solution offered by Entrust has three different types of bundles which come in different prices. The most basic bundle is called the Standard Workforce Bundle and is available for $2 per user per month. This bundle allows only two additional SAML applications as opposed to an unlimited number of applications allowed by the other two bundles.

The most popular bundle is the Plus Workforce Bundle which is available at $3.50 per user per month and allows adaptive authentication. The third bundle is the Premium Workforce Bundle which also offers mobile smart credential/bluetooth login along with some other advanced features. To get a quote on the pricing of this bundle you will have to contact the company’s support team. 

Company:Entrust Corporation

HyTrust CloudControl Pricing

HyTrust CloudControl
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HyTrust CloudControl Key Features

  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
Reporting & Analytics
  • Compliance Reports
  • Threat Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Audit Trail
  • CIS
  • NIST
  • PCI
HyTrust CloudControl Features Details

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