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CipherCloud Reviews & Overview

What is CipherCloud?

Cipher is a cybersecurity company that was founded in 2000. Cipher is a division of a famous private security company, Prosegur. Prosegur operates in 26 countries across five continents. Cipher is the cybersecurity division of Prosegur that was acquired in 2019. Cipher provides cybersecurity solutions to enterprises. It detects the threats faced by enterprises and works to manage those threats of ensuring the cybersecurity of these enterprises.

Cipher Labs are set up to research the modern trends of cybersecurity. The operations and methods of Cipher are facilitated by research evidence from Cipher Labs. Cipher has won awards and distinctions from leading companies globally including Frost & Sullivan and Forrester. Its collaboration with top companies has ensured unbreachable cybersecurity for them. The popularity of Cipher can be credited to its quality of service and research-based operations.

What is Cipher Used For?

Enterprises are faced with the risk of cybersecurity breaches. Hackers have grown in numbers in recent times due to easier ways of hacking brought about by advanced technology. Advanced technology has led hacking attempts to be more successful than ever. At such a time, enterprises need to use advanced technology for ensuring a secure network that is pivotal to their survival because it contains sensitive business information. Enterprises acquire services from Cipher to strengthen their cybersecurity. Cipher offers various services that come in handy for enterprises looking to make their cybersecurity unbreachable. 

Cipher offers Management Detection and Response (MDR) services that are important in detecting threats and responding to them adequately. It also offers Managed Security Services (MSS). Cyber Intelligence Services (CIS) are important to keep tabs on network activity that can be suspicious. Red Team Services (RTS) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services help in implementing the responses thought out after detection. Cybersecurity Technology Integration (CTI) is also an in-demand service offered by Cipher. All these usage sources make it a useful and effective platform to ensure cybersecurity.

What are the Main Cipher Features? 

Cipher boasts of a wide range of features that benefit the clients. It provides its solution tools that consist of automated functions making cybersecurity strengthened and easy to maintain. These solutions are backed by modern technology that is used to counter cybersecurity threats. Cipher provides a tailor-made approach to different clients. Instead of distributing templated solutions, it determines the complexity of threats faced by enterprises and then works to solve the problems. Cipher provides customers with network visibility through which they can monitor threats.

What are the Top Cipher Benefits?

Following are the benefits of Cipher:

  • Network visibility
  • Top-notch cybersecurity
  • Contextualized solutions
  • Reliable analysis
  • Helpful features
  • Feasible pricing solutions

How Much Does Cipher Cost? 

Cipher has differing pricing plans according to the different services it offers. Cipher provides reasonable pricing packages that can be afforded by normal enterprises. Therefore, it promotes smaller brands to prioritize cybersecurity through its pricing solutions. 

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CipherCloud Pricing

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CipherCloud Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
  • Threat Analytics
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Website Reputation Analysis
  • Data Import/Export
Cybersecurity Protection Types
  • Zero-Day
  • Anti-Ransomware
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