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Lights On Network® Reviews & Overview

What is Lights On Network®?

The Cerner healthcare and practice management solution has some interesting features that take it beyond many other solutions in the market. To begin with, the basic patient dashboard also incorporates a number of behavioral health metrics, including mental health and addictions. This takes patient care to a different dimension and gives the clinician additional tools and information.  Besides behavioral tools, there is a dashboard that provides safety and attendance data. The solution also has modules that allow the clinic to handle multi-patient settings, thus giving a set of capabilities that many clinics lack.

Key Features

The Cerner solution is built to handle patient care in the most comprehensive way possible. This extends to sharing of patient data between physicians. The intention is that when a patients is discharged from a hospital, her data and all records are transmitted directly to her primary care physician and any other specialists involved in providing care. This translates to better, faster patient care at lower cost.

A strong healthcare and practice management solution integrates software and hardware seamlessly.  Practices can rest assured because Cerner has partnerships with Dell, IBM and HP to guarantee compatibility with specific hardware from these suppliers. In case any aspect of the solution is not performing as expected, the user simply has to contact Cerner support for a single point of contact. Cerner will interface with the hardware provider and ensure that the solution performs. Practices get to focus on delivering healthcare rather than coordinating support across different technology.

Health care has gone mobile and Cerner supports this completely. The solution works across a number of mobile devices, including iPad and iPhones, Blackberry and others to allow clinicians to check their schedules and patient charts, order basic treatments and refills, review lab results and create progress reports. Using mobile platforms, physicians can also dictate notes to the speech recognition engine.

A comprehensive patient portal allows new patients to register and schedule appointments at will. Patients can also customize the portal to turn off features they are not interested in. The patient portal is fully HIPAA compliant, highly secure, and allows patients to view and download their records and lab results to forward onto authorized clinics or health practices.  The solution goes a step further and provides a preventive care module that gives patients ready information on approved preventive screenings.  This knowledge can prove critical to many patients who would otherwise miss critical health screenings due to lack of information. 

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  • Using it is simple, the features are nicely connected.
  • Difficult to familiarize with compared to previous system I was using, the med admin tab was quite hard to use, it wasn’t very intuitive, and I at times interfered initially in documenting med admin particularly when attempting to add something that wasn’t scanning from the pharmacy forcing me to perform an override.

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