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athenaOne Reviews & Overview

What is athenaOne?

Hospital administrators have to grapple with technical, legal, administrative and financial challenges on a daily basis. It helps if there is quality software that can take on these tasks and let administrators get on with thinking and planning. athenaCollector is designed to do just this. The solution is completely cloud based, meaning there is no requirement to set up servers and databases. Simply connecting a PC or a laptop to the Internet and logging in is sufficient.  The solution takes staff to-do lists to the next level by offering each staff member a dashboard where her tasks are clearly listed. This ensures no important work is ever missed.


athenaCollector is based in the cloud and has a user base of nearly 72,000 clinical practices. With access to the work culture and statistics of these individual practices, athenaCollector is able to benchmark practices based on the performance of other practices with the same specialties. It uses this data to tell its clients how they are performing in relation to their peers. Clients can then look for ways to become more competitive. In this manner, athenaCollector continuously helps its clients perform better. This is an unexpected bonus of using a cloud-based PM solution with such a large user base.

The PM solution has a five-stage workflow that starts from the time the patient schedules an appointment, and goes through till the patient checks out and a claim is generated.  The solution includes five key modules:

  • Medical billing to help clinics get paid faster
  • EHR – to ensure accurate and fast management of patient encounters
  • Patient communication and engagement modules that help reduce patient no-shows by as much as 8%
  • Seamless patient care to improve patient experience and loyalty
  • Epocrates – a clinical intelligence module that improves the quality of physician decisions

The solution is completely web based and runs in data centers. Users do not have to procure servers, firewalls or other complex equipment. There is no requirement to set up servers, databases or authentication systems, nor grapple with security issues. All of these are handled by the staff at athenahealth. 

Company:Athenahealth, Inc

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  • A wonderful software that can be used by the patient and the doctors both.
  • Billing is great.
  • It helped me to keep track of everything I needed.
  • We are not at all satisfied with the service provided.
  • We would be embarrassed to run a company like Athena.
  • They are insanely overpriced.
  • They don't even use medical terms and most of the terms are computer words and phrases.
  • We are looking for an alternative to Athena.

athenaOne has no reviews yet.

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