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AllegianceMD Reviews & Overview

What is AllegianceMD?

The AllegianceMD Practice Management system comes bundled with the Allegiance EHR system to handle all aspects of running a medical practice efficiently. The solution offers patients a simple and easy-to-use portal that allows them to enter all their demographic data from the comfort of their homes. It has an automated system to check insurance eligibility and manage payments and co-payers.  The solution is fully HIPAA compliant and meets all industry specifications. Fully integrated with labs and pharmacies, the solution makes it simple to run a medical practice.  The solution is cloud based and follows a subscription-based model.


The AllegianceMD EHR and Practice Management solution is comprehensive and detailed, and automates all aspects of running an efficient practice.  The solution is cloud based – meaning the user simply connects to the solution using a PC or a laptop connected to the Internet. No additional hardware is required. Being based in a data center, the solution natively supports tablets and smartphones. Physicians can access their data from practically anywhere.

The system offers an innovative and interesting fax-integration solution. All faxes to your medical practice are electronically routed to the data center, where they are received and routed to the correct patient record without any kind of manual intervention. This feature alone can save regular office staff a lot of time that can then be used elsewhere.

The solution accepts an unlimited number of patient records and documents. These can be scanned in and stored along with other patient records. The solution also has an e-lab module that accepts and manages lab reports and links them to patient records, and a powerful scheduling engine that has smart capabilities.  Post-operative notes can be attached to both claims and patient records, making both of these records more complete.                                           

The e-prescription modules allow physicians to dictate, click or type, and they offer a large number of templates customized to the specialty of the physician. The solution is fully integrated with voice and handwriting recognition modules to offer significant time savings. 


AllegianceMD Pricing

AllegianceMD Practice Management
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AllegianceMD Key Features

Scheduling Features
  • Online Patient Scheduling
  • Physician Scheduling
  • Staff Scheduling
  • On-Call Scheduling
  • Facility Scheduling
  • Searchable worklists
  • Location Scheduling
Patient Management Features
  • Patient Medical History
  • Patient Billing History
  • Patient Portal
  • Scheduling queues
  • Patient Eligibility Information
  • Online Patient Scheduling
Claim Management
  • Claim Status Tracking
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • e-Faxing
  • Embedded Claim Status
  • Claim filing
  • Electronic Claims and Remittance
AllegianceMD Features Details

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AllegianceMD Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • The only good things here are the notes and templates.
  • There are a lot of bugs and glitches that keep popping out of nowhere.
  • Customer service is mediocre.

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