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Vantage Maxvoice is an outright solution that keeps you connected with your customers. Its powerful network features helps you to create unlimited connection possibilities with your clients according to your business needs. Advanced communication and productivity are its key features.  It allows you to integrate with CRM and call center applications, add new features and users according to your choice taking communication to a new height. Starting in 2011 Vintage Maxvoice is a recognized solution in IP Telephony.

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Vantage Maxvoice is a communication solution that combines voice, fax, voicemail and email all in one platform. MAXvoice is mobile compatible. Employees can use their mobile devices for work activities without giving out their personal number: the system will route the office call the mobile device, without any knowledge from the caller.

Vantage Maxvoice hosted phone service offers call recording and monitoring in real time. Call routing find the next best person if any member is not at his/her desk so customer gets answered in the shortest time. Moaxvoice includes the following standard features: DID (Direct Inward Dialing) with call path, Voicemail box, Unified Messaging, SIM (Simultaneous) Ring, Remote Office, Unlimited nationwide calling.

Maxvoice is delivered on the MAXcore platform, that allows to add users, extended functionality or integrate with CRM or Call Center applications. Maxvoice supports businesses of all sizes, from home offices t multi-site enterprises. 

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Vantage Unified Communications MAXvoice Features

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Video Conferencing
Core VoIP Features
VoIP Fax
Unlimited Calling Plans
Toll-Free Minutes
Toll-Free Numbers
Local DID
2 Call Paths
Call Management and Administration Features
User Interface / Account Manager
Intelligent Call Routing
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