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TheraOffice is the only EMR and Practice Management Software designed by physical therapists everywhere to be the most adaptable to your unique business.


TheraOffice is the only EMR and Practice Management Software designed by physical therapists everywhere to be the most adaptable to your unique business.

EMR Documentation
In practices today, it is important for clinical documentation to be compliant, efficient, and simple to use. Imagine completing a compliant evaluation in 5-7 minutes or a daily note in 45 seconds.

Patient Accounting
Cash flow has always been a cornerstone of a successful business. TheraOffice Accounting was created to maximize revenue cycle management to achieve financial success.

Scheduling effectively will improve the clinical and financial success of your practice. TheraOffice Scheduling will allow for better decisions on patient care and overall resource allocation.

Analytics & Reporting
Reports are vital to understanding your business. TheraOffice Reporting ships with 175 reports and allows for custom reports that you can build yourself with our SQL statement builder.

Mobile Apps
iPhone schedule view, Function Vibe outcome tool for iPad, and iPad Documentation. Our apps were built with specific functions in mind to save time and improve clinic flow.

Patient Engagement
Measure marketing activities and patient engagement opportunities within TheraOffice by using a wide array of features that are essential to monitoring your patients' success.


TheraOffice Accounting

  • Integrated software suite
    • EMR/EHR
    • Medical practice management
    • Medical billing
  • Reporting
    • Financial Reports
    • Payments Reporting
    • A/R Reports
    • Revenue Reports
    • First-Pass Resolution Rate Report
  • Certifications
    • ONC-ATCB
    • Meaningful Use Certified
    • EHNAC Accredited
  • HIPAA Compliance
    • Yes
  • Scheduling Features
    • Drag & Drop Scheduling
    • Appointment Management
    • Recurring Appointments
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Notes
    • Check-In & Checkout
    • Online Patient Scheduling
    • Physician Scheduling
    • Staff Scheduling
  • Claim Management Features
    • Claim Follow-up
    • Insurance Eligibility Verification
    • Denied Claims Management
    • Integrated Claims Correction
    • Collection Agency Reporting
    • Claim Status Tracking
    • Electronic Claim Submission
    • Claim Scrubbing
    • Claim Processing
    • Batch Claim Processing
  • Targeted Users
    • Specialists (DC, OD, PT, PhD, LCSW, etc)
    • Small/private practices
    • Mid-sized to large practices
    • Single office
    • Multiple offices
  • Medical Billing Codes
    • ICD-9
    • ICD-10
  • Service Terms Offered
    • Customizable Plans
  • Patient Management Features
    • Patient Payment History
    • Drug Interaction and Allergies
    • Patient Portal
    • e-Prescribing and Refills
    • Lab Orders & Results
    • Patient Medical History
    • Insurance Information Details
    • Coverage Verification
  • System Compliance
    • Office of Inspector General (OIG) Compliance
  • Supported Devices
    • Mobile
    • Tablet
    • Touchscreens
    • Desktop
  • User Authentication
    • User authentification
    • Role-based access
    • Manage access permissions
  • Specialties
    • Behavioral Health
    • Occupational Medicine
    • Psychiatry
    • Psychology
  • Document Management
    • Medical Record Management
    • EHR/EMR Integration
    • Patient Statements
    • Patient Invoices
  • Billing Features
    • Payment Reminders
    • Billing Estimates
    • Automatic Payment Posting
    • Assignment of Benefits (AOB)
    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs)
    • Online Bill Payment
    • Batch-process Patient Billing
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Collection Letters
  • Support Features
    • Tutorials
    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support



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