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Optum Revenue Cycle Management is a software package from Optum, Inc. that offers top-notch medical management solutions to healthcare practitioners aimed at creating greater success in revenue performance and achieve greater control of practice revenue cycle. Optum, Inc. created Optum360 - a trademark that represents its platform aiming at creating a complete turnaround practice revenue cycle understanding and operationalization. Optum360™ focus on achieving best RCM by building practice and patient transparency, improve margin performance and modernizing practice processes by either improving, optimizing, transforming or innovating practice existing system. To achieve all this promise to its clients, Optum™ employs experienced professional and uses industry research to model best RCM models and pathways.


Optum RCM package is modeled around a revenue cycle pathway module which features margin performance improvement framework, Payer-provider collaboration enhancement framework geared towards improving relationship between providers and payers, patience experience improvement framework, a framework for improving providers' revenue cycle compliance to regulatory provisions and a transparency improvement component. This components are achieved through expert consultation, running training programs and adoption of advance RCM software solutions.

Optum RCM also comes with a comprehensive Optum claims solution designed to inform healthcare practices, health systems and hospitals and build a knowledgebase medical industry transformations, trends and demands. This is one of the main unique features of Optum distinguishing it from other RCM providers and putting Optum clients ahead other players.

The focus on creating a strong organization learning culture and employing market research to inform best practices not only builds a learning culture for vendors but also creates a unique relationship between Optum RCM and vendors.

Unlike many RCM providers who simply offer standalone software applications for adoption by vendors or a simple/complex service outsourcing package, Optum360 RCM a comprehensive and informative collaboration structure, operationalization framework and value/culture development and management framework that eventually increases the level of client and staff ownership of the RCM system and secures long term sustainability of the adopted system, even with exist of Optum RCM provider. 

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Optum Features

Service Terms Offered
Month-to-Month Option
Customizable Plans
Reduced Price for Multiple Users
Support Features
FAQs Section
Telephone Support
Email Support
24/7 Support
Online Chat
Social Media
Knowledge Base
Supported Devices
Targeted Users
Primary care (MDs, DOs)
Specialists (DC, OD, PT, PhD, LCSW, etc)
Small/private practices
Mid-sized to large practices
Inpatient care organizations (hospitals, etc)
Single office
Multiple offices
Substance Abuse Agencies
Medicaid Waiver Providers
Medical Billing Centers
Outsourced Billing Services
Behavioral Health
Urgent Care
Medical practice management
User Authentication
User authentification
Role-based access
Manage access permissions
Meaningful Use Certified
EHNAC Accredited
HIPAA Compliance
Billing Features
Billing Estimates
Assignment of Benefits (AOB)
Applied to Deductible (ATD)
Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC)
Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs)
Online Bill Payment
Batch-process Patient Billing
Credit Card Processing
Collection Letters
EDI Rules Manager
Medical Billing Codes
CPT Codes
ASA Codes
Scheduling Features
Online Patient Scheduling
Physician Scheduling
On-Call Scheduling
Facility Scheduling
Appointment Management
Recurring Appointments
Appointment Reminders
Multi-Resource Scheduling
Check-In & Checkout
Document Management
Medical Record Management
EHR/EMR Integration
Patient Statements
Patient Invoices
Consultation Report Integration
Patient Management
Patient Portal
Lab Orders & Results
Patient Medical History
Insurance Information Details
Coverage Verification
Patient Payment History
Drug Interaction and Allergies
Claims Management
Claim Processing
Batch Claim Processing
Claim Follow-up
Insurance Eligibility Verification
Denied Claims Management
Integrated Claims Correction
Collection Agency Reporting
Claim Status Tracking
Paper Claim Submission
Financial Reports
A/R Reports
Revenue Reports
Payer Performance Reports
First-Pass Resolution Rate Report
System Compliance
Optum Medical Practice Management

Optum Pricing

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