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The Easiest EMR in Urgent Care.

The Easiest EMR in Urgent Care.

Intuitive, efficient, intentional. Because it was built for urgent care, DocuTAP makes life easier for your front desk, clinical, billing, and administrative staff—and gets patients in and out fast. And because practitioners can finish charting during the visit—not after hours—they get their time back, too.

Our focus on urgent care and commitment to moving on-demand healthcare forward has earned DocuTAP partnership with more than 3,000 clinics nationwide—and a reputation we’re proud of. 

With awards, shiny reviews from our partners, and recognition as a thought leader by the healthcare industry, we can ask for your trust with confidence. We do what we say we’re going to do.

All the time.

Happier patients, shorter door-to-door time, seamless interfaces. If it affects your urgent care business, it’s our priority. Our roadmap to the future is based on initiatives that support your growth and move the entire industry forward—because on-demand care is the future.

Simpler Onboarding
Changing to a new EMR can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t get in the way of using the urgent care solution you really want. We can help you overcome the challenges with less frustration, and a quicker transition. 

We think about implementation the same way we think about software. It should begin with a goal, be user-friendly, and make life better. 

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