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What do you look for in a learning management system? An intuitive interface? Mobile-ready, web-based accessibility? A shelf-full of award hardware? How about a learning system that was designed by educators, for educators?

The Sakai LMS by Longsight technologies allows instructors to engage every student or trainee, using almost any teaching methodology imaginable. It also provides a full range of content creation tools and completely customizable reports. Your learners’ progress can be tracked, analyzed, and recorded, and instructors will be able to quickly make any required adjustments.

Sakai LMS is a truly open-source solution, providing users full access to the source code. Sakai users can create content and deep customization unique to their organization, or even to specific courses. When you choose Sakai for your course development and distribution, you’ll only be limited by your imagination.

With Sakai LMS, instructors, administrators, and learners all enjoy full access to Sakai’s private cloud. With 100 percent uptime, this secure storage option allows clients to access and edit courses from any Internet enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone. And learners can rest easy, knowing that their course progress is being saved as they go. 

But for some organizations a remotely hosted product isn't the right choice. If that's true in your case, chances are you've struggled to find an LMS that provides true support for local installations. Sakai Management Services includes installation and configuration of Sakai LMS, along with testing and installation of stable upgrades and tools. The support team can help build a backup strategy for your hosting system, and even offers in-house training to get your team member up to speed quickly and painlessly.

Of course, no matter what learning management system you use it's inevitable that you will have some hiccups along the way. While other LMS solutions may leave you hanging in the wind, Sakai backs up their commitment to excellence with expert level support. Because Sakai’s developers have personal experience working in higher education, they have the ability to help see you through whatever issue your running into, whether it's technical or strategic.

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