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TeleNav’s Navigation and Scout products bring the power of the cloud into your vehicle. Whether you want to access the software by iPhone, Android, or a tablet, there’s an app to make your navigation fast, easy, and accurate.

TeleNav Navigation is a robust navigation system that provides at least three routes to every destination, ensuring that your drivers won’t be struggling with hold-ups and time consuming re-routes.

And for a more robust solution, TeleNav Scout merges your vehicle, your phone, and databases in the cloud into a seamless mix of search, navigation, voice control, and real-time traffic reports.

For fleet managers who oversee very small or largely self-sufficient drivers and vehicles, full-sized fleet management software may not be the best solution. If your drivers own their own vehicles or are paid by the job rather than by the hour, why should you shell out major dollars in order to save them money? Instead, consider TeleNav’s Scout system as an affordable option that helps grease the wheels of your business without breaking the bank.

Equipping your drivers with TeleNav’s Scout ensures that everyone has the same information, but doesn’t rope you into pricy options for monitoring every aspect of the vehicle’s maintenance record and performance. After all, if it’s not your vehicle, or if you already have a stand-alone maintenance solution, why pay for features you don’t need and won’t use?

If you’re in the market for an effective and affordable navigation system for your fleet, look at TeleNav’s Navigation and Scout programs. You’ll find a stripped-down, no-nonsense solution that might be perfect for your needs.

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TeleNav Features

Route Management
Mileage Tracking
GPS & Location
Vehicle Position Update
Integration with Google Maps
Concealed Installation
Detailed Activity Reports
Detailed Exception Reports
Smartphone Access
Add Landmarks
Create Restricted Zones
Detect Driver Behavior
Assist Maintenance Schedules
Create Route Library
Optimize Routes
Send Routes to Vehicle GPS
Support Two Way Messaging
Improve Customer Service
Manage Route History and Replay Routes
Integrations & API
TCO & Lifecycle Management
Mobile App
Essential Maintenance Management
Hosted by RTA
Mileage Interface
Image Viewer
Dashboard Bundle
RTA Messenger
Shop Scheduler
Drag & Drop Management
Mobile Route Optimization
PDF Upload
Service Reminders
Inventory Management
Manage Inventory Location and Storage
Inventory Tracking
Vehicle system settings
Seat heaters
Climate control
Maintenance & Support
Automated Routing
Tire Management
Tire Physical Location
Accident Management
Vehicle Use Outside Authorized Hours
Safety & Security
Create and Manage Safety Policy
Assign Inspection Responsibilities
Critical Event Reporting
Black Box Event Recording
Detect Unsafe Driver Behavior
Vehicle Safety Issues
Safety Training Program
Accident Analysis
Offline Use
Feasibility Planning
Data Management
Site Management
TeleNav GPS Fleet Tracking

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