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SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning  software is a comprehensive business management solution offering thousands of new features that provide distributors and manufacturers a fully-integrated platform for increased operational effectiveness. Some of its key feautures include; financials, manufacturing, payroll and customer relationship management (CRM ) modules. It also comes with allowance for seamless integration with third party products such as inventory management. As a modular  cloud ERP, its components can be upgraded as the company continues to grow while maintaining low overall implementation costs. Users also benefits from its global network outreach that the developers have established over the years.

Product Highlights

  • The application supports multi-mode such as make-to-order, batch, and make to stock. It is particularly used by small and midsize manufacturers such as mid-market manufacturers, distribution/supply chain management.
  • Target Market- SYSPRO ERP targets small and mid-size manufacturer and distributor.
  • Customer choice- SYSPRO offers a delivery choice of cloud/ hosted or on premise deployment. The SaaS ERP is backed with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The application code base remains the same. Cloud ERP is an adoption that has become one of the highest business growth sector.
  • Extensibility- SYSPRO is built with a .Net with a Microsoft stack. It uses a rules-based development environment used for customization and extensibility. It is an underlying platform that is available to both customers and partners. It modifies business objects, and also application logic. It doesn’t change the source code.
  • Total Cost of Ownership- SYSPRO implementation achieves a fast value time. It is combined with a SaaS subscription procurement model, and an ongoing system administration. It delivers a compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Global Reach- It is used by customers in more than 60 countries.
  • Company Viability- SYSPRO  has sufficient critical mass and thus can afford to undertake related R&D and other investments that help users to focus on their core business.
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Syspro Features

Food and Beverage
Health Services
Service Terms Offered
Customizable Plans
Support Features
FAQs Section
Telephone Support
Email Support
Knowledge Base
Project Management Features
Planning and Scheduling
Risk management
Quality Control
Estimating and Costing
Manufacturing Control Features
Manage Engineering Workflow
Material Management
Work Orders
Product Lifecycle Management
Quality Control
Labor and Costing
Multiple Location Management
Business Process Automation
Document Control Features
Document Management & Version Control
Plant Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Field service maintenance
Financial Management Features
Multiple Currency Operations
eCommerce Integration
General Ledgers
Asset Management
Receivables and Collections
Financial Consolidation
Cash Management
Payroll Functions
Financial Compliance
Automated Invoice Processing
Deferred Revenue
Inter-Company Accounting
Supply Chain Management Features
Product Configuration
Inventory Management
Warehouse Activity
Claims Processing
Reporting Features
Custom Reports
Ad-hoc Querying and Reporting
Automatic Reports
Business Activity Monitoring
Ready to use reports
Import/Export Data
Customer Services
Bug Fix and Updates
Email Supprt
Telephone Support
Service Level Agreement
US federal requirements of data preservation
Security and Compliance
Data masking
RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connections
Audit Trails
Access Controls
ERP System Management and Users
Bill of Landing (BOL)
Bill of Operations (BOO)
Order Management
Time Management
Forecasting & Budgeting
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
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