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CRMNEXT is a leading interoperable cloud CRM software with advanced project management functionality to help organizations streamline their projects. It was one of the winners of Gartner’s CRM Excellence Award in 2014.


CRMNEXT is a leading interoperable cloud CRM software with advanced project management functionality to help organizations streamline their projects. It was one of the winners of Gartner’s CRM Excellence Award in 2014.

These project management capabilities help organizations with planning, organizing, managing and tracking tasks, tools and dependencies to ensure fruitful and profitable project implementation.

CRMNEXT’s sales automation features advanced functionality to reduce churn and increase sales. This leads to the creation of front-end sales teams with access to information about all product sales based on the customer’s needs and profile.

Sales agents are empowered to make informed decisions through CRMNEXT. CRMNEXT functionality also allows sales representatives to offer customers their ideal products, reduce cycle time and increase profit booking by facilitating effective cross-sells and upsells.

The company offers three editions as per your business needs.

  • SoHo Edition: This Edition is suitable for small and at home offices. It provides features such as Leads and Opportunities, Service Requests, Customers and Contacts, Campaigns, Mailing Lists, Reports and more.
  • SMB Edition: This Edition is ideal for small and medium business. It has all the features of SoHo in addition to more features like Analytics and Dashboards, Social Media, Workflows, Templates and more.
  • Enterprise Edition: This Edition is for enterprise users and has all the features of SMB Edition. It also has advanced features such as Data Deduplication, Payments Customer self-service, Integration engine, Business Rules, Online sales, Assignments and more.

The extensive project management functionality will provide organizations with a flexible framework within CRMNEXT to budgets, schedules, costs, status reports to track and resource planning. Organizations using CRMNEXT can create projects at multiple levels and maintain thorough project tracking.

The project management feature enables organizations to easily add tasks and requirements, adding to the planning and to documents relating to tracking and manage multiple projects.


CRMNEXT for Banks & Credit Unions

Best Value
  • Service Terms Offered
    • Customizable Plans
  • Support Features
    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support
    • Online Chat
    • Knowledge Base
  • Installation Options
    • Instant Setup
    • Self-Installation
  • Salesforce Automation
    • Customer Interactions
    • Contact Management
    • Account Management
    • Document Management
    • Sales Analytics
    • Sales Collaboration
    • Sales Quotes
    • Workflow Automation
    • Task Management
    • Lead Management
    • Opportunity Management
    • Order Tracking
  • Customer Service Features
    • Email Management
    • Chat/IM
    • Case Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Built-in Reports
    • Customer Portal/Account
    • Self-Service
    • Custom Reports
  • System/Management Features
    • Project Management
    • Activity Tracking
    • SMS
    • Notifications
    • Custom Fields
    • Tags
    • Data Imports
    • Vendor Management
  • Marketing Automation
    • Marketing ROI and Analytics
    • Contract Management
    • Account Management



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