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The OpenText Content Suite is an enterprise content management system that helps professional businesses and individuals improve productivity and control their assets for better customer interaction. This system is divided into a large group of ECM software solutions that all offer different focuses for each aspect of running a business. Every part of the suite connects to a central information grid that allows users to work from a unified workspace. OpenText ECM serves clients in a variety of industries, including automotive, energy, engineering, financial services, government, healthcare, information technology, law enforcement, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, publishing, and non-profits. Almost any kind of business can find solutions within the extensive ECM suite from OpenText.

OpenText starts by focusing on the productivity of business processes. The software integrates enterprise content management with the applications where your work actually happens, and analyzes what it sees to give you valuable insight into how to improve the efficiency of your processes. From there, it moves on to personal productivity, looking at individual users and improving collaborative efforts for more efficient working. Through the control features, OpenText allows users to manipulate every aspect of data while maintaining regulation compliance, security measures, and other governance processes.

The software is ready to use right out of the box, and can integrate with many of the most common office software like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and E-Business Suite. If users prefer, they can use OpenText Cloud, the web-based version of the software that allows everything to be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Use mobile apps on phones or tablets to view and manipulate content, and forget the hassle of downloading and maintaining physical software. Through the cloud-based version, OpenText also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, and has a cloud archival solution to save your data space.

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OpenText Features

Service Terms Offered
Free In-Network Calls
Document Scanning and Imaging
ECM collaboration
Core Specialization
Intelligent enterprise capture solution
Content Types
Standard business support
Audit trails
Digital rights management
License management
Document watermark
Role-based access
User access control
External sharing permissions
Editing polices
Device location restrictions
Sharing restrictions by devide
Custom session time-out
259-bit encryption
Encrypted back-ups
Realtime discussions
Content & Accident Protection
Device approvals
Enables HIPAA compliance
Account transfer tool
Shared link controls
Document Watermarking
Dropbox Vault
Dropbox Passwords
Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
Remote device wipe
Dropbox Rewind
File recovery and version history
Content archiving solutions
Application Decommissioning
Data Archiving
Productivity and sharing tools
Integrated cloud content
Password management
Best Value
OpenText Features for content Management

OpenText Pricing

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