Email Template: Post Conversation Follow Up

Email Template

Responding quickly once you receive an Internet lead can increase your odds of connecting with your sales prospect by over 40%, according to Wheelhouse studies of hundreds of leads that were delivered to vendors. Ideally, your company sends an auto-responder to the prospect once you receive the lead, and then you (as the sales rep) follow up with a phone call and personal introductory email. But what happens after your first conversation with your lead and the intro email? What do you say in your follow up correspondence? Here are some ideas.

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Email Subject Line

Never underestimate the importance of an attention-getting subject line. But above all, make sure it’s relevant to your sales prospect and the conversation you just had. For example:

Subject: Additional information for Ben - ABC Video Conferencing models

Opening Statement

In the opening statement, you want to reiterate your conversation with as much detail and specifics as you can.

Dear Ben,

Thank you for the discussion today. It helped me to better understand the challenges you’re facing at Acme Software, as well as your communication goals. It’s my goal to help you overcome those challenges and to meet all of your communications objectives.

Repeat the Key Challenges and Goals They Mentioned on the Call

As you mentioned, you have three satellite offices and an outside sales forces of 50, and you would like to hold weekly interactive meetings with everyone, and get the best sound and video quality possible. You want to have everyone up and running by the next quarter, and you need a system that is easy for everyone, from receptionists to sales managers, to setup and will work in a variety of room sizes. (The more specific and detailed you can be in your email, based on the conversation you had, the better. It shows you were paying attention on the first call and that you’re in tune with their needs.)

Offer a Few Options, with a Focus on Value

We have three different models that fit your needs. All will help you achieve your goals of X, Y, and Z. (As above, the more specific you can be on how your system will address their needs, the better.)

Close: Ask for an In-Person Meeting, to Send a Proposal, or for a Follow Up Conversation

However, don’t just take my word for it! The best way for you to see how ABC Video Conferencing will help you achieve your goals is to see the products in action and kick the tires yourself. Let’s set up some time to meet in person and I can give you a custom demonstration and you can try out the equipment. Which works best for you: next week or the following week? I look forward to meeting you in person and giving you the opportunity to get hands on experience with our products.

Thank you again for considering ABC Video Conferencing and I look forward to meeting you.



Anne Stevens

Sr. Account Manager

ABC Video Conferencing

Contact Information


While it’s good to have a variety of email templates on hand, always tailor your communications with as much personal, relevant, and specific information as possible. With far too many sales reps sending out generic emails, this will put you way ahead of the competition.