About Us

Streamlining Business-to-Business Transactions for Buyers and Sellers

Wheelhouse is the leader in B2B performance marketing. Over 200 companies such as Salesforce.com, SAP and IBM trust Wheelhouse to fuel their sales operation with a constant stream of engaged buyers. Our mission is to accelerate our customer’s marketing performance by building the best B2B demand generation platform. We provide business buyers the information they need to make purchases and connect them with relevant business sellers. We provide business sellers highly targeted, qualified buyers that deliver measurable ROI, generate demand, shorten sales cycles and grow revenues. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA Wheelhouse supports a wide range of technology focused B2B industries including enterprise software, business communications, cloud infrastructure, and business intelligence.

Wheelhouse was founded by Internet entrepreneur Greg Baszucki, who saw a strong need in the marketplace to help vendors connect with buyers more efficiently and economically. Greg saw that while business people are making critical purchasing decisions for their organizations everyday, they shouldn’t be forced to become product experts on everything. Despite the huge leaps forward the Internet has brought in terms of connecting large numbers of buyers and sellers, it has also brought a staggering amount of information and complexities. Wheelhouse serves to eliminate the complexities, streamlining business-to-business transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Expertise in Internet Marketing and Sales Lead Generation

The Wheelhouse leadership team has been working in the field of Internet marketing and business-to-business sales lead generation since 1996. Our team is comprised of veterans in online advertising, website design, search engine marketing, email marketing, and other forms of online media usage. This expertise, coupled with our large network of Wheelhouse-owned sites and select partner sites (including search engines, portals, and business product buying and specialty sites), enables us to give vendors access to a broad market of buyers they might otherwise miss. In working with hundreds of business product vendors and thousands of different websites, Wheelhouse delivers extra marketing horsepower to vendors through sheer economies of scale.

But the process doesn’t end there. With proprietary lead sourcing and verification technology and our team of product consultants, we ensure that our vendors receive leads from prospects whose information has been verified and whose buying intentions and preferences have been discussed and documented.

Wheelhouse delivers a high volume of in-market buyers directly to your sales team so they can focus on what they do best – closing deals.